Race-SCHOOL BUS is specially manufactured  to serve for school bus operators. When you envision school transportation options, school buses are probably  the first mode of transportation that comes to mind. However, school bus  transportation is slowly becoming more difficult for kids to access. Race-SCHOOL BUS models has the best options for each  school bus operator. Race-SCHOOL BUS is providing buses which includes several modern security systems for kids.

  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • Door Security Systems
  • Electronic Door Mechanism.
  • 3 Point Seat Belt.

Race-SCHOOL BUS  is providing modern, comfortable, safe busses which are under control by CCTV systems. Race-SCHOOL BUS is providing  buses with several modern security systems. CCTV Security Solutions have become a need. In school buses CCTV Security System is also very important to keep an eye on the children. Monitoring children especially in the places out of schools, where teachers are not watching them, is very important for child safety. It also helps in keeping the records of who and when is travelling in the bus.

Race-SCHOOL BUS Here are five major considerations:


  1. Reaching the school safely and on time is an important step of our kids school life. This is basic, about half of the nation’s students use school-provided transportation each day. That’s 25 million riders. So the functioning of education systems relies on transportation working.
  2. School transportation is massive. It’s the largest mass transit system in the countries – bigger than all other transit systems (planes, trains and buses) combined.
  3. School districts spend a significant percentage of their budget on transportation services, and those costs are rising, taking away from instructional spending.
  4. Heavy usage of school busses also affects ecology of our world . Modern buses with modern engines fuel consumption is less and eco friendly. Considering air pollution and global warming, these eco friendly technologies are important for our future.
  5. Parents always prefer their kids to be educated in a good school. And the preferred schools can be away from home. Families with more transportation options have more school options.